Trouble-Shooting Remote Development Problems

If you are having problems getting remote development working, you should first check that you can connect to the remote host outside of Wing. If that does not work, then Wing will also not be able to connect to the remote host.

Collecting Diagnostic Logs

To further diagnose problems setting up and using remote development in Wing, look in the file ide.log in Wing's User Settings directory, which is listed in Wing's About box, or submit this file to Wingware with a bug report from Wing's Help menu.

If this shows that Wing is successfully connecting to the remote host, then there may also be a log file on the remote system. This is the file remote-agent.log in the directory ~/.wingpro10.

Feel free to email these files to for help.

Fixing Slow Connection Times

In some cases, remote development can be slow or unreliable if there are one or more SSH keys on your host system (where the IDE is running) that are not accepted by the remote host. This results in Wing trying to use those keys in order, each being rejected, before prompting for a login password. Even after passwords are entered, non-working keys may be tried, slowing down the connection time considerably, or preventing connection from occurring before network timeouts are reached.

If you are having this problem, you can solve it by setting Private Key under the Options tab in your remote host configuration, accessed via Remote Hosts in the Project menu. This ensures the correct key is tried first.

An alternative solution that may also work is to place your SSH public key in the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote system, so that the key is accepted. Note that if you are using PuTTY, you will need to convert your key to OpenSSH format using puttygen. See Working with PuTTY for details.

Working with Slow Network Connections or Hosts

If you have a slow network connection, or if your remote host is relatively slow (for example, a Raspberry Pi Zero), then you may need to increase the Remote Development > SSH Timeout, Remote Development > Hung Connection Timeout, and Debugger > Network > `Network Timeout preferences.