Tutorial: Why Wing?

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Wing Pro is a light-weight but powerful integrated development environment that was designed from the ground up for Python. As you get up to speed with Wing Pro you should find that:

  • Wing speeds up your development of new code
  • Wing makes it easier to understand and work with existing code
  • Wing reveals errors earlier in the development process
  • Wing makes it easier to find and fix bugs
  • Wing adapts to your needs and style

If we are successful, this tutorial will help you understand how Wing does this, by combining deep code analysis, a focus on interactive development, high-level editing and refactoring, continuous early error detection, powerful always-on debugger, test-driven development, seamless remote development, and extreme configurability.

There is a lot to learn about the IDE, but don't be intimidated. You can get started with a subset of the functionality, adding in other features and tools over time as you become more comfortable. The user interface can be customized in color and layout, and you can easily remove tools that you are not yet interested in.

Let's get started!