Migrating From Older Versions

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Moving to Wing 8 from earlier versions should be easy. The first time you start Wing 8, it will automatically convert your preferences from the most recent older version of Wing found on your system, and place them into your Wing 8 Settings Directory.

Wing 8 can be installed and used side by side with older major releases (Wing 7 and earlier) and operates completely independently. Projects from earlier versions of Wing will be converted and opened as untitled, and should be saved to a new file name since older versions of Wing cannot open Wing 8 projects.

Compatibility Changes in Wing 8

Wing 8 makes some incompatible changes, including functional changes and changes to the scripting API:

  • Wing Personal no longer includes documentation and features specifically designed for third party modules, packages, and frameworks
  • Wing runs on Python 3.9 internally, requiring update of all user extension scripts
  • Use utf-8 as the default encoding for Python files when working with Python 3
  • Change the color palette and theme selection preferences to the easier to understand Display Theme and Editor Theme
  • Remove deprecated commands: * show-panel-debug-probe (use show-panel-debug-console) * debug-probe-clear (use debug-console-clear) * debug-probe-toggle-active-range (use debug-console-toggle-active-range) * debug-probe-evaluate-active-range (use debug-console-evaluate-active-range) * debug-probe-show-active-range (use debug-console-show-active-range) * evaluate-sel-in-debug-probe (use evaluate-sel-in-debug-console) * set-current-as-main-debug-file (use set-current-as-main-entry-point) * clear-project-main-debug-file (use clear-project-main-entry-point) * set-selected-as-main-debug-file (use set-selected-as-main-entry-point)
  • Remove deprecated symbols in the scripting API: * kArg* magic default argument values (other than kArgNumericModifier) * 'sheet' argument for CAPIApplication.ShowMessageDialog * CAPIProject.Get/SetMainDebugFile (use Get/SetMainEntryPoint) * CAPIDebugRunState.GetStackFrame (use GetStackIndex)
  • Remove legacy support for Zope2 name space merging and debugging with WingDBG
  • Omit minor version number from the installation directory name on Windows
  • Add spaces into the app installation directory name on macOS
  • Change the names of executables on Linux to wing8, wing-personal8, and wing-101-8
  • Dropped support for Django 1.3 and earlier
  • Dropped support for version control with Bazaar
  • When using PuTTY for remote development, Wing does not use the PuTTY configuration but requires setting the port number in the Wing remote host configuration, in order to work around a long-standing bug in PuTTY
  • Auto-editing block management requires typing : a second time if working in a context where a type annotation or := could be used. This can be disabled with the Editor > Auto-Editing > Prefer Block Management in Assignments preference.
  • Quotes are auto-closed in fewer contexts to avoid conflicts during editing