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Wing Pro can set bookmarks, in order to navigate code and keep track of notes for unfinished tasks. Bookmarks are defined in a way that allows them to move with the bookmarked line, even if a file is edited outside of Wing.

Setting Bookmarks

Toggle Bookmark in the Source menu sets or removes a bookmark at the current line, or clicked line if using the editor's right-click context menu. A default name is used for the bookmark, based on where it is located.

Set Named Bookmark in the Source menu displays a dialog to enter a name, category, and notes for the bookmark.

In the VI/Vim keyboard personality, the m and ` keys are supported, in addition to the operations in the Source menu, which allow creating bookmarks with names longer than one character. Emacs, Brief, and other keyboard personalities also support bookmarks with their native key bindings.

Bookmarks are shown on the editor with background color change or underline. The style and color of bookmark indicators can be changed with the Editor > Bookmarks > Bookmark Style and Editor > Bookmarks > Bookmark Color preferences.

Hovering the mouse over a bookmark in the editor shows a tooltip with the bookmark name, notes, and category.

Bookmark Categories

Bookmark categories provide a way to organize and filter which bookmarks are visible in the display. Categories can be added, renamed, and removed with Edit Categories in the Bookmarks tool, bookmarks toolbar group, and bookmarks popup at the top right of any editor with bookmarks.

Categories marked as Shared in the Edit Categories dialog are also stored in preferences, so that they will appear in all projects. Categories can also be exported and imported from this dialog.

Traversing Bookmarks

Traverse Bookmarks in the Source menu, and the key bindings shown there, can also be used to traverse all bookmarks. To traverse bookmarks in a single file, use the bookmark popup at the top right of the editor.

To visit a bookmark by name, use Goto Bookmark in the Source menu. This shows a dialog, or in some keyboard personalities an entry area at the bottom of the window, into which a bookmark name can be typed. A list of possible completions will be displayed as you type, and pressing Tab will select the current completion.

Filtering Bookmarks

The bookmarks that are visible on the display can be filtered by selecting a current category in the Bookmarks tool, the bookmarks toolbar group, or the bookmark popup in top right of the editor.

When Match Fragment is chosen, a fragment to match any of the bookmark properties can be entered into the Bookmarks tool, which will be displayed if not already visible.

When bookmarks are filtered by category or fragment, the marks shown on the editor, in the bookmarks menus, and in the Bookmarks tool will be limited to those that match the filter. This also limits traversal to only matching bookmarks.

Bookmarks Tool

A list of all defined bookmarks is available in the Bookmarks tool, from the Tools menu. The contents of this tool can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. A bookmark name or category in the list can be edited by clicking on it. Hovering the mouse over a bookmark will display any notes entered for that bookmark.

Right-click for a menu of operations, or select a bookmark and use the toolbar in the top right of the tool. Multi-selection is possible by holding down shift or other modifier keys. Double-clicking or middle-clicking will navigate to the selected bookmark.

When the Bookmarks tool has focus, keyboard navigation is possible with the arrow keys. Pressing Enter will navigate to the selected bookmark.

The selected bookmarks or all bookmarks visible in the currently selected category or filter can be exported and imported from the Bookmarks tool's Options menu and toolbar icons.

Bookmarks Toolbar

Bookmarks can be set, removed, filtered, and traversed from the bookmarks toolbar group, if it is shown. To display the bookmarks toolbar group, right-click on the toolbar and check Bookmarks in Groups Shown.

Tracking Bookmarks Across External Edits

Bookmarks are stored in the project and refer to a particular position within a selected file. Wing tries to store enough information about the bookmark so it can be moved to the correct location even if a file is edited outside of Wing.

  • For Python files Wing makes use of the enclosing scope (method, class, or function), as well the contents of the bookmarked line to track the bookmark
  • For all other types of files bookmarks are defined by file name, line number, and contents of the bookmarked line.

In either case, a bookmark's position may appear to slip if a file changes enough so that Wing cannot find the bookmarked line.